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My art has always been about evolving from the unknown towards a concrete work of art by applying the awareness that derives from the action of painting itself. It’s a style that I’ve been using and rediscovering for over 20 years. Around 2012, I started meditating under the teachings of Shambhala lineage and decided to align my art with the flow of meditation and the flow of the creative process it fosters.

For a long time, I have used Prismacolor markers and micron pens with underlays of watercolor using bright colors and patterns intricately woven together to indicate the ups and downs of life.  More recently, I have shifted to acrylic painting as my medium of choice, overcoming my long-held fear of painting.  Thanks to meditation – and how it has changed my outlook on life – I have been able to see things as they are and appreciate myself more.  I couldn't contain this self-discovery and decided to express and share it through my art. Skulls and meditating figures serve to imply a sense of impermanence.  They are suggestive of how we all can transform ourselves into another level of awareness and self-appreciation.


  • the courage, strength, and depth of generous beauty are just a few of articulable ways we love about your work and what it inspires in us. stay cool brother. hope to see you at the art crawl.

    ryan on

  • I’d like to invite you to be part of an art fair (outdoors). Please reach out. We met at Art in the Hollow.

    Erin Maurelli on

  • Your work is amazing!

    Becky Freeman on

  • I can see and feel your growth. Proud of your success and self expression, nephew.
    Aunt Erica

    Erica on

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